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Welcome to Snip & Scissor Unisex Salon
Snip & Scissor Unisex Salon is a chain of unisex salons that are stylish and luxurious providing international standards for hair and beauty treatments.  Snip & Scissor Unisex Salon is a high fashion, stylish, family oriented, Dominican salon with over 20 years of experience,  Snip & Scissor Unisex Salon first established centre was started in ............. Pune area by Mr............ in the year 2000, the branch set standards that have since become bench to start another center at Aundh.

Highly experienced staff combined with luxurious and wonderful interiors & with international range of beauty products-make  Snip & Scissor Unisex Salon a perfect place to get the best salon services. Each outlet has multiple hair stylists, who are all regularly trained by reputed professionals

Snip & Scissor Unisex Salon also provides beauty services including skin care and make up. The range of skin and beauty products used in these outlets; afford theclients a truly luxurious experience. What makes trip to  Snip & Scissor Unisex Salon an experience and not just a visit to a salon is the personalised service provided. The staff here truly believes that every client has different requirements and hence, every treatment should meets the specific needs of the client
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